How we work

BeCore uses various methods of working effectively with your Board or team. If necessary, this can be adjusted and tailor made in accordance with your needs.

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Method BeCore

Analyse. Listen. Connect with context. Recommend. Change.

Structured approach, perfected over 9 years, compact questionnaires, confidential in-depth interviews, reporting with clear implementable recommendations and joint closing sessions in which the important recommendations and best practices are discussed.

We use our knowledge, experience and best practices from the sector and market.
Important elements are confidentiality and trust in the interviews. We also distinguish ourselves through our knowledge of the inside of organizations, a quick understanding of context and strategic insight. The reports also contain the positives and hit the core with the right constructive tone.

For leadership effectiveness we use multiple instruments such as Leadership scans, AEM-cube, Management Drives, Quinn, Covey, tools such as the Future table, Dialogue table, Context impact table. We also work with specialists for optimalisation.

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MD Colour profiles

Management Drives


The motives and drivers can be visualized by means of the color profiles. The combined team profile clearly shows which colors are strong and less strong and how the team can respond to this.
We can offer a joint proposition with Management Drives.


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AEM Cube



The AEM-Cube is a three-dimensional development tool to map out talents and challenges. The AEM Cube explores three main dimensions of change and growth: Attachment, Exploration and Managing Complexity.
Based on this, the contribution of an individual in the process of growth and change is described.

The combination gives the team insight into the composition and diversity of qualities.

  • Attachment: how do you learn and solve things – through content or more from the relationships?
  • Exploration: in which phase of the growth curve are you at your best – in building and development or are you bringing stability (keeping on track)?
  • Maturity: from which perspective do you approach things – more as a generalist and connector or specialist?
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Dutch Governance Codes

Listed: Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance


Banking: Nederlandse vereniging banken


Housing: Woningbouwcorporaties: Aedes


Healthcare: Governancecode Zorg


Pensionfunds: Governancecode Pensioenfondsen