What we offer

Board evaluations and Board vision

Board evaluations

An effective, safe and enjoyable method for self-evaluation.

Topics include: composition and diversity, Dynamics and reflection, information provision, governance structure and decision-making. Organizational culture, strategy and other desirable elements will be covered.

The process usually includes a short questionnaire / survey, individual in-depth interviews, discussion of aggregated results in a plenary session and reporting (also suitable as a baseline measurement).

Confidentiality and a safe environment is guaranteed.

Jeannette Franken and partners are very experienced in guiding and facilitating Board evaluations at listed companies, financial institutions, corporate sector and the semi-public sector (such as healthcare institutions).

Our knowledge is also used for the cultural sector under appropriate conditions.


Supervisory view

BeCore can assist you in drawing up your supervisory vision, supervisory framework, and information protocol. In one or two meetings with the Supervisory Board with or without Management Board, you will jointly establishe a clear vision with a dynamic framework. This provides a clear frame of reference which gives direction to supervision.

Board and Leadership development

Board and leadership development / Performance growth 

We help you to optimize the talents and skills of the Supervisory Board, MB or team members and how to add maximum value to strategic goals and growth.

How can management team members improve collaboration?

Reflection on competencies, strengths and pitfalls is important to gain insight into team performance.
We can assist you with tools or Leadership scans. The AEM Cube or Management Drives could be used to gain insights in the team composition. Assumptions (bias) and behavior are also discussed.


Dialogue table / future table
We offer sessions on social context such as the Shell verdict and Climat goals.

BeCore guides dialogue sessions in which the impact of societal developments and external factors are discussed.

How can your organization better anchor desired behavior and culture? We use structures methods and dialogue sessions to make organizations more aware of context and their own dynamics. We work together with external speakers for the necessary challenge.


Governance advice and Governance scan

Advice on the top leadership structure and composition of the Supervisory Board and Management Board 

  • Would you like to review the top structure of the organization? Is this still current and effective? We guide you through this optimization.
  • Appointing good leaders is the core task of the Supervisory Board. The Board must develop a vision based on strategy, structure and personality. BeCore guides you in optimizing the profile and provides advice on composition, size and competences based on strategic goals and competencies and personality matrices. The result is a well thought-through and sharp profile on which suitable candidates could be recruited (we can refer you to a partner executive search firm).


Governance scan 

Governance, Culture and leadership are key in restructuring, Private equity investments and mergers. We systematically map this out in a scan with pragmatic recommendations to improve value or increase accountability to the stakeholders involved.


Advice on Governance issues 

We help you with all Governance issues. From design to Corporate Governance Code analyzes.



Boardroom / team dynamics and feedback

Dynamics sessions 

We help to optimize board dynamics and guarantee the self-critical capacity of the top and / or Supervisory Board. Participants discuss context and dynamics, key business dilemmas and decision-making. This is often followed by Feedback sessions.


Feedback in Boards
Good leaders regularly ask for feedback. Feedback and reflection are crucial for modern leadership in which less ego and more vision and coaching is desired.

We guide reflection and feedback sessions in a positive and sometimes playful way (Virtual reality or other inspiring work forms). With respect for everyone's sensitivities and focused on development and growth.


Training / Permanent Education / Fit and proper assessment

Training and Permanent education
BeCore offers short intensive training courses in the field of Governance and dynamics for Boards and senior management. 
For example:

  • Legal Governance: a training about the legal framework, such as liabilities, Governance Codes and group relations.
  • Dynamics: about Board and team dynamics and bias. New developments are discussed.
  • Feedback training


Suitability /  fit and proper assessment

In addition, we can also prepare individuals for suitability tests or 'fit and proper testing' by external supervisors.


Conflict management and mediation

The dynamics between 2 people, within a team or board can sometimes get stuck. An independent third party can often offer help and smoothen the cooperation or at least identify the needs and interests, which can lead to more understanding for each other. Jeannette has completed mediation training and has conducted mediations. BeCore also works with specialized mediators.