References and projects

BeCore offers a good combination of understanding of the context and business with expertise in corporate governance, including group dynamics.
Our experience lies with: listed companies, companies, banks, insurance companies, funds, healthcare institutions, pension boards, etc. Also cultural institutions and small foundations under adjusted conditions.

Amongst others, Jeannette has guided, via BeCore or CPI, the largest subsidiairies of ABN AMRO, ASML, Aegon, TCX Fund, World Press Photo, UMCU, Achmea, ASR, Credit Lyonnais Consumer Finance, ProRail, KPN, Tennet, BNG, Van Lanschot Kempen, SNV World, Holland Opera, Stichting Brandwonden etc

Rutger Schellens (CEO ABN AMRO Clearing Bank), personal reference

“Jeannette is a a strong governance partner and board-room consultant with impact.

She takes a broad view of corporate governance; both in terms of design and trends, as well as group dynamics and personal interpretation. Her advice is of a high quality and she provides it with flair and clear substantiation. She is a constructive discussion partner in Board sessions and evaluations. Her strength lies in the combination of understanding of the context and underlying business and a strategic and pragmatic interpretation.
In addition, Jeannette is also a pleasant person to work with.”

Bernd Loewen, Chairman TCX Fund, Amsterdam and CFO of KfW, Germany

"Jeannette Franken has guided and facilitated the Board Evaluation for the Supervisory Board of the TCX Fund in a professional manner for the third time, and again completely lived up to our expectations. The process, steps and timing were clear and consistent.

Jeannette understands the context of development finance and the mission of TCX which adds value to the evaluation. She also has a good sense of the formal and soft aspects in the relationship between the Supervisory Board of the Fund and the Fund Manager.
By including also other stakeholders in the evaluation she constructed a complete picture of the Governance ecosystem. This reflects her good knowledge of Governance as well as her thorough understanding of dynamics.
The advice resulting from the evaluation was clear, constructive and actionable.

That is why we greatly appreciated the process, the reporting and the recommendations of BeCore." 

Caroline Princen, Chair Board UMCU 

 “BeCore Governance has carried out a good and extensive self-evaluation for the Supervisory Board of UMCU.
The process starts with thorough preparation showing a good understanding of the context at academic hospitals. The tool for the questionnaire tool is running very well.

The Supervisory Board found the interviews pleasant and with sufficient depth.

The recommendations are clear and implementable. The process ends with a constructive session with the Supervisory Board, which also reflected on governance best practices. 

Jeannette then, to full satisfaction, guided us in the development of the supervisory vision and a crash course on Governance for new Supervisory Board and Executive Board members. As Chairman of the Board, I wholeheartedly recommend BeCore. ”

Arthur Arnold, Chairman of multiple Boards 

"I have had the pleasure to use BeCore, Jeannette Franken, several times for evaluations of Supervisory Boards I am serving on.

Both national as well as international Board members with very different expertise and backgrounds, have all rated the quality of BeCore’s Jeannette’s services as very high.
Her capacity to analyze the functioning of the Supervisory Board and to identify the potential issues and challenges for the future, is remarkable.
She performs her services with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

I can recommend her services, without any hesitation, to any Chairman who is looking for a proper Supervisory Board evaluation."

Guido van Nispen, Chairman Board World Press Photo Foundation (under CPI flag)
“CPI supervised the self-evaluation of the Supervisory Board of World Press Photo Foundation in Q4 2020. Jeannette Franken has set up a structured process with good intake, survey and in-depth interviews.
She has thoroughly studied the context and situation of WPPF. The interviews were very open, had the right tone and the right themes were discussed. The report was concise with clear observations and useful recommendations.   Finally, Jeannette moderated a constructive session that allowed for open discussion.

As Chairman of the Board, I am very satisfied with Jeannette's professional and pleasant guidance and I would certainly recommend her for a self-evaluation process.”

Allert van den Ham, CEO SNV World

“The Supervisory Board of SNV World asked BeCore to supervise the self-evaluation process and to make recommendations.

A critical and constructive dialogue developed under the guidance of Jeannette Franken. This led to clear understanding about the various roles within the Board and the Managing Board and also to initiatives to increase the added value of the Supervisory Board.
Our insight into the international developments in relation to the task perception of a supervisory board has increased. Decisive support from Jeannette.
Optimal price / quality ratio. Worth the effort!"